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The band “Vopli Vidoplyasova” is the founder of Ukrainian rock ‘n’ roll and non-ethno-rock style. It was they who first sang rock in Ukrainian. VV 5 years older than Independent Ukraine. Over the years, the band has become a true legend. For 30 years Oleg Skrypka with musicians recorded 20 albums, conducted more than 5 thousand concerts, sang more than 300 songs, traveled around 100 countries, the audience of the band reached 3 million listeners!

Three decades of VV are 30 shades of Ukrainian rock and roll. Under the music of this group grew more than one generation of Ukrainians. This is the underground of the Soviet “flight-year”, the romance of student dormitories, the French drive and the Ukrainian Renaissance.

In the waves of music VV plunge into the memories of school and student years, the atmosphere of “flats”, informal parties and underground concerts.

VV songs such as “Dances”, “Spring”, “Birthday”, “Yeah-Yeah”, more than a quarter of a century in different countries lit the hearts of millions of fans.

Sometime in the 70’s Oleg Skrypka, along with his classmates in the distant Zaporozhia, created his first band “Imposters”.

In the 8th grade, Oleg began to write his own copyright songs in English. At school evenings, his band played explosive rock nets in the act and gyms

In contrast to the stage, which prevailed in the 80’s, Oleg wanted something else in music – more lightning and branded. The musician moves to Kyiv, where he has been studying at the KPI for six years. There, already at the institute, Oleg intersects with the future bassist VV – Sasha Pipa. Pipa introduced Skrypka to guitarist Yuri Zdorenko. In 1986, young musicians gathered three in the KPI dormitory on the Metalist Street and composed a repertoire. This was a week after the Chernobyl explosion.

The first magnitude album was recorded in the kitchen at Zdorenko. The name “VV” appeared a year later – in the fall of 1987. By that time, the drummer Sergey Sakhno joined the band. At the same time the first performance of VV took place at the Molodist cult festival. The festival was always going to extolled young people, who was following the latest musical horizons of the then Soviet Kiev and one of the first to absorb the pearls of ultra-fashionable Ukr-punk.

“It used to be simple,” Oleg Skrypka remembers, “you write a cassette, you pass it to a friend, and in a week you hear how your music is echoing from the windows.”

So when VV played their first concert, their songs were already known.

The second concert of the band took place at the festival “The First Kyiv rock parade” in November 1987. All the rock bands of Ukraine were presented. VV played at this festival and unexpectedly for many and even took for themselves the first place. After that Volodymyr Ivanov, who started promoting the band, took on the group’s production.

VV went with concert performances in the cities of the USSR. Soon, inflammatory Ukrainian rockers were invited abroad.

In 1988, Poland hosted the first foreign concert, and in the 1990’s, VV had toured in France.

In 1991 – the musicians moved to France. However, musicians changed over time, the French came – guitarist Felix Le Bars and drummer Stefan Moufflieu. And the band became Franco-Ukrainian. But the previous repertoire in the style of Ukrainian folk-punk has been preserved.

“At that time, – recalls Oleg Skrypka, – in France there was a powerful state support for the advancement of the Soviet year to the west. The project was called “Red Wave”. It was a period of warming relations with the Soviet Union. And VV immediately fell into the forefront of French show business.”

The band participated in the best festivals, performed on big scenes, the guys appeared on the pages of the best French editions, in particular, in Le Monde.

In 1996, Oleg Skrypka began to think about returning to Ukraine.

VV recorded an album in Paris, shot the clip “Spring” in Moscow, and in 1997 there was a triumphant return of the band to the Motherland.

After returning to Kiev, the drummer Sergey Sakhno returned to the VV and a new guitarist Eugene Rogachevsky entered.

Former leader of the “Rabbot Ho” group, Sergei Popovich, was taken to the position of sound producer. In 1997, a long-term contract was signed for 3 albums with Gala Records. The same year the album “Musikc” with new super-hits “Spring” and “Yura” is released.

In 1998, the world saw the disc “Kraina Mriy”, a significant part of which compiled compositions of the early 90’s. This practice of “VV” is true to this day: new albums necessarily include several archival records.

The next record “Waves of the Amur” was released in early 2000. Together with fresh hits “Love” and “Were in the village”. This includes some very old songs, for example, “Conversation with the Mahatma”, but especially “VV” was pleased with the new song “Birthday” – the success of the song was greatly contributed to a successful video clips with a plot based on Indian movies. The boys looked great in the images of the hot Indian macho.

In 2000, Vopli Vidoplyasova traveled to Israel and the United States, as well as performed in Sofia near Kiev’s President, American President Bill Clinton during his official visit to Ukraine.

In 2006, the studio album “VV” was released entitled “There were days”, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the band. In January 2007, the team left Oleksandr Pipa. In the jubilee tour of the cities of Ukraine with the band sends a new bassist Alexei Melchenko.

In 2008 the band recorded the rock-version of the State Anthem of Ukraine, and also released a double concert album, which reproduces the performance of the collective at the Rock Sich Festival.

On the eve of 2009 a single is released with a new hit – “Lado”.

“VV” become participants in the first Russian “release” of the popular international music festival World of Music, Art and Dance (WOMAD) Russia, which was held in Kislovodsk from September 20 to 22, 2013. It was one of the last large-scale performances of the band on the territory of Russia.

Since October of the same year, the group “Vopli Vidoplyasova” is going to tour the cities of Ukraine in support of its new 10th anniversary album, called “The Wonderful World”.

“We started with punk rock, then played ethno-rock, we are now experimenting with electronic and orchestral sound – this is the search for an ideal musical form,” says Oleg Skrypka. – If you do not change, do not develop – then stop. The need for each artist – to update, grow professionally. Even the famous songs that we play for many years, always try to perform in a new way, look for other ways of filing, so that the song sounds bright, “says Violin.

In the last two years, VV has toured the world and Ukraine a lot. There were tours in the USA, Canada, the Baltic States, Denmark, Germany and other countries.

Oleg Skrypka many times appeared before Ukrainian soldiers on the frontline, in particular in Debaltsevo, in front-line towns and villages and in hospitals. In the summer of 2016, “Vopli Vidoplyasova” carried out the “Front Tour of VV”, speaking to the fighters at the front in Mariinka, Konstantinovka and Selidovo.

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