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“Krayina Mriy” is the largest ethnic festival in Ukraine, the founder and ideological inspiration of which is Oleg Skrypka.
For the second decade, the Krayina Mriy team has established a Ukrainian national identity, presents the best models of Ukrainian and world music, music and fair variety, folk crafts, vintage parades, authentic master classes, ethnic cuisines, children’s and Cossack lawns, book opening sessions, bandura players’ playground , the festival “Mongol’fery” and other original solutions and activities.

km_about_worldmap_f3In 2004, the International Ethnic Music Festival Kraina Mriy visited about 1 million guests, in addition to the traditional Kiev location, it was also held in Lviv, London, Surgut, Perm. The festival has 2 seasonal formats – summer and winter. Our guests already had masters and performers from 30 countries of the world, such as Belarus, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Austria, Brazil, Canada, USA, Turkey, Finland, Great Britain, France, Iran, Norway, Niger, India.

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The Rock Sich Festival is an international
rock festival that has been held on Trukhaniv Island in Kyiv since 2006 and is a remarkable rock event of Ukraine. This is the first and only capital festival in which Ukrainian rock music is played simultaneously from three scenes.

The goal of the Noble Evenings
is to combine the creative projects of contemporary Ukrainian artists – artists, musicians, and other representatives of the noble community to support and popularize national cultural values in our society and in the international arena.

“Great Children Evenings”
Charity Ball with Oleg Skrypka
– is a continuation of the “Great French Evenings” and a great opportunity for the young ladies and gentlemen to become part of the secular life of our capital. Together with their parents, children have the opportunity to plunge into the world of children’s ball, fairy tale, exquisite style and taste.

The festival “Montmartre on
Andrew’s Descent” –
is a beautiful city holiday devoted to the Day of Kyiv. His goal is to combine Ukrainian and French cultures, restore the lost cultural values of the capital

The festival “Autumn of the Middle Ages” –
is a spectacular holiday, the purpose of which is to return the traditions of old Kiev to modern culture, to revive the celebration of the Byzantine New Year, as well as to help the historic Kyiv in preserving its uniqueness and supporting measures against its destruction.

“Grand French Evenings”
«Cabaret de Charite»
with Oleg Skrypka is an exclusive event of the artistic life of the capital in an atmosphere of the Parisian cabaret, with the charm of Montmartre, with exquisite music and dance in the style of the legendary French cabaret.

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