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До 25-ого Дня Незалежності телеканал «Україна» запустив серію із шести відеороликів під гаслом «Мільйони голосів — одна мелодія». Музиканти Національного академічного оркестру народних інструментів майстерно та несподівано зімпровізували мотив пісні гурту ВВ «День народження» на рідкісних автентичних інструментах, зібраних з усієї території України.

Авторитетна світова організація медіа індустрії PromaxBDA відзначила цю подію схвальною публікацією на своїй сторінці:

In honor of 25th anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine, TV Channel “Ukraine” launched a series of promotional videos that use rare, authentic folk instruments from around the country to celebrate its musical history, and spiritual and cultural traditions.

Using the tagline “Millions of voices—one melody,” each 15-second promo shows an instrument set to the melody of how it sounds when playing the song “Den’ Narodzhennya” (“Birthday”) by popular Ukrainian rock band “Vopli Vidoplyasova.”
The spots include instruments such as cymbals, a bandura and a kobza for unique, unexpected takes on the song.

The campaign was developed by the creative team at TV Channel “Ukraine,” and aired in honor of the holiday on August 24. The idea stemmed from Marina Kotsyubenko, with Roman Shoma serving as creative director.

Tatiana Svetlova, director of the brand and product promotion department at TV Channel “Ukraine,” said the promos showcase the rich culture of the Ukrainian nation.

“We consider it necessary to give the viewer knowledge of spiritual and material values of our country, to instill love and respect for them,” she said. “In this series of promotional videos we acquaint Ukrainians with rare folk instruments of Ukraine. They are extremely interesting, original and very different.”

TV Channel “Ukraine”
Director of TV Channel Brand and Product Promotion: Tatiana Svetlova
Designer: Anton Korolev
Director of Installation: Nicholas Spychak
Executive Producers: Daria Golubkova
Executive Producer: Elena Sharova
Art Director: Irina Yestyfeyeva
Arranger: Aleksey Krivosheev
Operator: Sergiy Poznan
Music: Vopli Vidoplyasova
Provision of Instruments: National Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments and National Enterprise “Crimean House”

ВВ - З Днем Народження, Україно!