DJ О’Skrypka
"Vechernitsy in the style of ethno-disco"


There is a rumble far away and about “Vechernitsy in the style of ethno-disco”! 

Oleg Skrypka proposed his own formula for the latest Ukrainian evening parties – a mix of authentic Ukrainian fun, combined with electronic rhythms

Ethno-disco party from DJ O’Skrypka is a drive, dance party under the burning musical ethno. The main DJ of the audience is suddenly known to the legendary Ukrainian rock musician Oleg Skrypka

Ethnic Evenings from DJ O’Skrypka travel around Ukraine and the world. They were glad to meet America, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, Italy and France! There is a place to visit you too!

Dress up DJ O’Skripka party stylishly, fashionably and at the same time ethnic! Experiments and combination in “meadows” are welcomed! Always combine up-to-date embroidery with a fashionable “bocho chic”, mother’s coral – with sneakers!

Take with you friends who like the “music” and “dance” likewise! And – “wellcome” at the ethno-disco party!

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