Le Grand Orchestra

Le Grand Orchestra is one of the most successful Ukrainian ethno-projects. Oleg Skrypka summoned the Le Grand Orchestra in 2004 for the Krayina Mriy festival. Its members included the best ethnic music of Ukraine, representatives of the AFU Orchestra and the folk group “Bozychi”

Le Grand Orchestra is a combination of drive and lyrics, reincarnation of folk melodies to the rumba, jazz and blues motifs.

During the same concert, Le Grand Orchestra is played by the French chanson, songs from the repertoire “VV”, rehearsals of the world rock ballads of the 80’s and Ukrainian pop hits of the ’70s. So, the cult “Vesna” sounds in ethno-processing, “Tombe la neige” is gaining a wedding sound, “Wild Leek” appears in a rhythm blues, and classic “Drove Cossacks” are played with pipes and cymbals…

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