Ukrainian musician, vocalist, composer and leader of the group “Vopli Vidopliassova” Oleg Skrypka was born on May 24, 1964 in Khojenty (Tajikistan).

Oleg’s Mother – Anna Aleksievna – comes from a small village in the Kurshina, and his father Yuri Pavlovich – from a farm in Poltava region. Father graduated from the Kiev Medical Institute, where he received a specialty of a radiologist, specialist in radiation sickness. Pre-diploma practice was held in the mining town of Bryanka. There he met Oleg‘s Mother, who, having arrived from Russia, worked as a tutor in kindergarten. They got married. When my father got a diploma, I went to Hodgent.

In the kindergarten and in the home circle the small Skrypka was the number one artist on all the holidays. Oleg’s mother was professionally engaged in the upbringing of her son and laid a good creative foundation; singing, dancing, reading poetry from 4 years old. Also, the program of education included home duties – cleaning, garbage and even Sunday morning, when parents fell asleep after a labor week, an independent boy running with a poor man in a store for milk and buns … In Hodzhenta family lived for seven years, and the Eastern civilization was reflected later in his work and perception of the world. Because Tajikistan is a bright exotic – Islam, women in paranjah, oriental architecture, luxury bazaars, where grenades, grapes, gigantic watermelons and fragrant melons are sold …

The family lived on the outskirts of the city, then the desert began, and after it the top of the Pamirs was visible. In April, the mountains were covered with poppies, tulips and became red like carpets. The first music Oleg heard is the national music of the Middle East.


From time to time, – remembers Oleg, – the city was shuddered by earthquakes. As soon as the windows began to vibrate, we were quickly taken away from the building by us, children, from the gardens and schools. The climate in Tajikistan is incredibly hot. In the summer, the shadows can reach forty-five degrees. In the end, the parents decided to move. We went to the Extreme North, where we settled in the center of the Kola Peninsula – the city of Kirov in the Murmansk region. Therefore, the second part of Oleg’s childhood is associated with snow from October to June and short polar summer for a period of one and a half months. The small Skrypka mastered hockey, skates, racing and mountain skiers. Coming from school, Oleg in the yard with the boys built underground cities and fortresses from the snowstorms.

Deep in memory of Oleg croaked bright pictures of the northern childhood: “Sometimes, returning home in the evening, just freezing in sacred trembling. Above my head is poured in all the colors of the rainbow North light! To describe this fantastic sight, words are not enough. I will only say that all these 3D, 4D or I-Max do not go with him in any comparison. Looking at him, you feel like a pygmy and you start to believe in aliens. “

At school, Oleg received only highest marks. Especially easy was given to him exact sciences – physics, mathematics. He won school competitions and regional Olympiads. However, the behavior often received unsatisfactory behavior. From the second grade, Oleg went to the music school, and later learned to live up to rock and roll on the accordeon.

In the ninth grade, Oleg entered the correspondence school of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and graduated with honors. It was believed that this is a guarantee of admission to a prestigious university of the USSR. After graduating went to join the MFTI. Despite a huge competition, he received a pass mark. But such as he, from “Perefferry” was too much, and Oleg “cut” on an additional interview. He was angry, but not upset. And realized the “plan B”, immediately went to Kiev and entered the KPI to the Radio Engineering Faculty. The high score of a school certificate allowed only two examinations. For the first math exam, Skrypka received five, which meant automatic enrollment. It turned out that there were only two such entrants.

In the educational process, Oleg rushed furiously. At the same time he played in the rock band, attended a theatrical studio and a student theater.

In the hostel on the Metalist street among the youth formed a “commune” of like-minded aesthetes, who were fond of music, theater, gastronomy. They formed a joint budget, cooked delicious dishes, arranged dinners with full service and non-alcoholic birthdays. And then they opened a disco in the hostel, where they not only danced, but also held theme nights.

One evening in 1986, when Oleg sat in a hostel and wrote a diploma, Oleksandr Pippa and Yuri Zdorenko came to him. Thus the group “Vopli Vidoplyasova” was formed.

In 1986, after graduating from the KPI, Oleg did not get to the Severivorsk division – a closed town of military sailors. Skrypka rescued from this exclusively by his skill. He went to the personnel department of the Kyiv NGO “Kvant”, declaring that he was dreaming to work there.

Soon the dean came an application, and Oleg was sent to the “military box” of “Quantum”. Thus Oleg stayed in Kiev, became an engineer with a salary of 100 rubles, and got a room in the hostel five minutes from work.

At work, the boy was engaged in the development of GPS systems for the navy of the USSR and simultaneously wrote music and texts. For three years he wrote a bunch of songs.

From 1991 to 1996 Oleg Skrypka together with “VV” were in creative exile in France, actively toured the country. In just two months Oleg studied French and soon married a Frenchman. Oleg’s wife was Marie Rebo, who was the administrator of the group VV.

Oleg spent a lot of time in the theater, twice worked at the famous Avignon Festival, which is the largest theatrical event in Europe. Assisted the legendary Manu Chao to organize his rock festival. The violin danced in the performances of “Decades” and “Music Box” by the famous French choreographer Philippe Decoffle. By the way, in the performance “Decades” for the first time, “Spring” was spoken in Ukrainian, and in the “Music Box” – “Burned Pine”, which Violin sang together with the dancers. Then this song entered the album “Muzika”, performed by these most French dancers.

In 1997, Oleg divorced his French wife and returned to Kyiv. With the group “VV” Skrypka is actively concert in Ukraine and abroad. “VV” publish “on the mountain” two dozen albums, many hits and become the classic of the native year.

All times, Oleg Skrypka remains invariably the central figure of “VV”. His inexhaustible energy, originality, bright national color, elegance and eupatheism charge the audience at concerts, forcing them to move in the rhythms of the crazy pulse of VV music.

Already after returning to his homeland, Oleg met his true love – Natalia Sid. In marriage with her current wife Natalka – Skrypka has two sons – Roman and Ustym, as well as two daughters – Olesya and Zorian

When the horizons of “VV” become tight to Skrypka, Oleg becomes the founder of the festival “Kraina Mriy”. The first international ethnic festival “Krayina Mriy” was held in 2004 on the Singing Field in Kiev. In 2008, Oleg Skrypka, as the director of the festival, was nominated for the Shevchenko Prize.

In addition to music, Oleg Skrypka is engaged in publishing and educational activities. Organizes Ethno-Disco style parties. The geography of the trips of ethno-parties from Oleg Skrypka today extends from the Far East to the most remote frontiers of Western Europe. Today, ethno-style parties have launched sails in France, Italy, Norway, Austria, Spain and America, reaffirming their international status and opening Ukrainian ethno-fun to distant countries and new friends.


Subsequently, Skrypka becomes the founder of another festival of contemporary Ukrainian rock music – “Rock Sich”. The main purpose of the festival is to support the national rock culture. This is the first and only capital festival in which Ukrainian rock music is played simultaneously from three scenes. In 2010, Rock Sich became an environmental festival. And since 2013 – the festival has become international, becoming Ukrainian-Swedish.

In the same year (2013) Skrypka initiated another large-scale project – the Festival “Montmartre on Andrew’s Descent”. This is a beautiful city holiday devoted to the Day of Kyiv. His goal is to combine the ancient Ukrainian and French cultures, to restore the lost cultural values of the capital.

Along with the festival projects, Skrypka creates another musical project – “Le Grand Orkestra”. This project was created specially for the festival “Kraina Mriy” as a “collective image of contemporary Ukrainian music”. The collective is a unique composition that creates at the intersection of folklore, ethnic jazz and Ukrainian classical romance.

Another interesting direction in the work of Oleg Skrypka is the Jazz Cabaret. Throughout the riotous drive, the new Oleg Skrypka project combines retro jazz cabaret, Ukrainian lyrical song, French chanson and classic rock and roll.

Zabava Jazz Orchestra is a kind of Ukrainian all star band created by Oleg Skrypka, a team of virtuoso soloists, composed of the best domestic jazz and rock musicians whose genius uniqueness is unconditional today in Ukraine. The repertoire of the orchestra consists of songs from the coryphaeus of the Ukrainian variety song of the 30s-40s of Bogdan Vesolovsky, “evergreens” of world and Ukrainian hits (“Fever”, “Tombe La Neige”, “Hotel California”, “Cheremshina”), as well as the most famous hits “VV” “(“Spring”, “Dancing”, “Birthday”) in unexpected original treatments.

Oleg Skrypka is fond of charitable initiatives. Together with “VV” he performed on the front line, in particular, in Maryinka, Konstantinovka, Selidovo, and even earlier in Debaltsevo. Skrypka supports the Dnipro-1 regiment, cares for the children’s cardiology center. In support of children with heart defects, Oleg participates in artistic auctions, organized twice “Great French evening parties” and “Great children’s ball”. The medical equipment for the children’s resuscitation of the cardiac center was purchased on the funds collected from the sale of tickets.

And also Oleg Skrypka …

In 2001, she is filmed in the New Year’s musical “Evenings on a farm near Dikanka” in the role of blacksmith Vakuly, and in 2003 – a troubadour in the cousin “Cinderella”.

In 2006, she received the prestigious theatrical prize “Pectoral” for the musical concept of the play “Natalka-Poltavka”, embodied on stage of the I.Franko Kyiv theater. In this performance, Skrypka attempts to play the role of Voznyi.

In 2007, he performed excelently in the project “1 + 1” TV channel “Dancing with the Stars – 2”, where his great plastic and filigree rhythm sensation became a great adventure.

Filmed in the cinema:

  • «My Mermaid, my Lorelyai” (2013)
  • Radio day (2008)
  • Cinderella (2003)
  • Evenings on a farm near Dikanka (2001)

Sounds animated movie

  • In 2006, Carlson was featured in the cartoon “Carlson that lives on the Roof”.
  • In 2011 – Carlos’s chick in the cartoon “Gop”
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